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Exceptional CRAFTSMANSHIP Hera Zeus Collection.

Making caps never gets old, only the folks making them. With this comes generations of experience at our craft. We combine old world methods with a modern mindset because quality people deserve quality caps.

This beige, burgundy trucker cap from the series Disney.

Sylvester the Cat, more commonly known as "Big Kitty" is known for wanting to catch Tweety, and invents all sorts of schemes, each one crazier than the next. That's what makes us cry with laughter ! Mostly red cap, Sylvester sticking his tongue out at us on the central patch. Naughty rominet !!!

Materials + Specifications

  • 50% Polyester - 50% Cotton
  • Trucker Cap
  • Adjustable from behind with pvc closure
  • Curved visor
  • Camel and black colour
  • Sweatband: Cotton
  • Size: Unique



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